Biorepository & Dry Lab Manager

Job Description



Under the direction of the Principal Investigator or designee, the Biorepository and Dry Lab Manager – Ophthalmology is responsible for specified dry lab and clinical research activities in the Macular Degeneration Center of Excellence




* Responsible for overall operations of the dry lab, freezers * Manage and organize the biorepository that includes several freezers * Order tanks, freezers, tubes, other supplies and arrange for maintenance as needed * Available for calls and action as needed if freezer alarms are activated * Conduct audits of all samples in freezers and identify vials in freezers * Document all samples and tissues in a computerized database for sample management * Maintain computerized data files and excel spreadsheets * Perform centrifuging and aliquoting of blood specimens * Locate and pull specimens from freezers for specified projects * Adhere to established lab and biosafety policies * Perform some study coordinator functions – interviews, telephone calls, data entry, documentation of data forms, questionnaires, and other clinical research materials; quality control checks on data entry * Perform literature searches or access articles as requested * Prepare summary reports * Responsible for supervision of assigned staff. * Perform other duties as required. * Opportunity to participate in research presentations



* Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences or equivalent experience * Master’s degree in medical, biology or equivalent field preferred * 3+ years of related research/lab experience preferably managing a biorepository and sample management system * Must have excellent skills in using computer-based tools (Word, Excel spreadsheets, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc.) * Excellent oral and written communication skills * High level of attention to detail and organization-labeling tubes correctly. * Ability to travel to off-site locations in the general area of the medical school and clinic

Requires physical effort to handle liquid nitrogen tanks and freezers

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