EPA Postdoctoral Fellowship in Environmental Indoor biological and Chemical Contaminants

Job Description

EPA Office/Lab and Location: A research opportunity is available at the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Radiation and Indoor Air (OAIR), Indoor Environments Division (IED) located in Washington, DC. The Indoor Environments Division (IED) is a non-regulatory program that was established to address the significant public health risks that are related to the indoor environment. IED develops, synthesizes and translates indoor air quality (IAQ) science to inform policy and programs; provides technical guidance and assistance, public information and education; and partners with industry, non-governmental organizations, states, tribes and communities to raise awareness and facilitate risk reducing actions.

Research Project: The goal of this project is to conduct research on microplastics and other emerging contaminants in indoor environments and identify methods or procedures to reduce exposures to those contaminants in indoor environments, focusing on the residential environment. Analysis will include consideration of chemical reactions between microplastics and chemicals commonly found in indoor environments. This project will involve examination of how biological and chemical contaminants indoors are detected, interpretation of peer reviewed literature, examination of indoor chemistry and biology issues related to indoor contaminants, and implications for mitigation guidance for consumers and other stakeholders. This research may ultimately contribute to additions or modifications to voluntary guidance to reduce chemical and biological contaminants indoors.

Learning Objectives:
•Develop analytical skills and gain a deeper understanding of the science related to indoor air quality (IAQ), including indoor chemistry, epidemiology and IAQ, and emerging issues in IAQ.
•Gain experience collecting, compiling, and analyzing literature..
•Learn how to evaluate cutting edge science on IAQ.
•Publish results of literature analysis in the peer reviewed literature and present findings at public meetings and/or conferences.

Mentors: The mentor for this opportunity is Laura Kolb ([email protected]). If you have questions about the nature of the research, please contact the mentor(s).