PhD Position Educational Integration for refugee children: Building an Inclusive Ireland (EIRC)

Job Description

As of 2019, 3048 refugees were resettled under the Irish Refugee Protection Programme (IRPP) and children under 12 constitute 32% of this group (Department of Justice, 2020). In 2021 and 2022, refugees from Afghanistan and Ukraine have arrived to Ireland and the numbers are likely to increase (Department of Justice, 2021; DCEDIY, 2022). Within the education system, a number of reports have documented the challenges that refugee pupils and caregivers face (The Safe Haven report 2018). However, to date, there has been little focus on the experiences of refugee children within primary school settings and no research has attempted to design and test the efficacy of tailored supports for this vulnerable population. To address this gap in knowledge, an explanatory, mixed-method study will be conducted in three phases. Phase one will assess the attitudes of teachers towards the usefulness of current policies and supports, and will glean the perspectives of caregivers and children as to enablers and barriers to participation within the primary education system. Phase two will adopt a participatory research design whereby participants will co-develop tailored support packages for teachers and caregivers. In phase three, an implementation study will test the efficacy of the packages.

Funding Agency: TU Dublin Researcher Award

Student Stipend per annum: €18,500

Materials & Travel Budget per annum: €2,600

Duration of Funding: 48 months

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