PhD Project - Geoeconomics and Geopolitics: Development in a Shifting Balance of Power Landscape

Job Description

This project explores the diplomatic strategies and the influence of supranational entities in the geoeconomics and geopolitics of development amid shifting global power dynamics. It investigates how emerging and existing powers leverage diplomatic channels and international organisations to shape development outcomes, manage conflicts, and build alliances. The study will assess the effectiveness of these strategies in fostering sustainable development and maintaining geoeconomic and geopolitical stability. The impact on the financial system will be considered by exploring supranational entities’ influence on financial stability, economic policies, and development trajectories. Core Themes: 1. Diplomatic Negotiations and Financial Strategies: Analysing how diplomatic efforts impact geoeconomic decisions and development strategies and the role of diplomacy in shaping international financial policies and investments. 2. Supranational Influence: Examining the role of supranational organisations (e.g., UN, IMF, World Bank, etc.) in shaping development policies and economic stability. Investigating how organisations like the IMF and World Bank affect financial systems and economic development. 3. Power Transition and Financial Power Shifts: Investigating how shifts in global power affect diplomatic relations and economic development. Analysis of implications of shifts in global financial power on development and geopolitical stability. 4. Economic Sanctions and Financial Aid: Assessing the impact of economic sanctions and financial aid on development and international relations. 5. Regional Alliances and Financial Cooperation: Exploring the formation of regional coalitions and financial institutions collaboration and their role in balancing power and promoting development and economic stability. This research aims to enhance understanding of the complex interplay between diplomacy, supranational influences, and development in an evolving global order. In addition, the research study aims to provide insights into the interconnectedness of diplomacy, supranational roles, and financial systems in fostering sustainable development amid changing geopolitical landscapes. Student Requirements for this Project Any discipline would be considered – subject to 2.1 award Funding Details Self Funded (Scholarship not available. Fees & Materials to be paid by the student. Materials costs not significant).

Supervisors Dr Lucía Morales Dr Daniel Rajmil – Universtat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) Ms Intesar Madi

Programme Coordinators Dr Lucía Morales – School of Accounting, Economics and Finance – TU Dublin – email: [email protected] Dr Jon-Hans Coetzer – United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) – email: [email protected]

Please note that the programme can be completed full-time or part-time

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