PhD Project - Innovative materials for biomarker profiling and isolation, within bespoke 3D-printed devices for liquid chromatography

Job Description

The detection of biomarkers is critical in early diagnosis, and health-monitoring. To do this, highly specific materials are required, capable of interacting with biomarkers to allow their isolation, concentration, and separation from complex biological mixtures. Designing these materials (inorganic or organic in nature) requires multidisciplinary knowledge across analytical, polymer, and materials science for use in highly specific analytical experiments.

This exciting project will combine novel and innovative separation materials using state-of-the-art chemistries, with high resolution 3D printing, towards biomolecule extraction and enrichment from biological samples, to produce devices for point-of-care diagnostics and health-monitoring.

Specifically, it will:

1. Improve separation selectivity for a wide variety of metabolites and proteins
2. Selectivity isolate, and concentrate metabolites and proteins from complex matrices.
3. Be formed in a wide variety of application specific, customisable geometries, for sample collection/storage.

Student requirements

Minimum of a 2.1 BSc Hons in chemistry, biology, biochemistry, or related disciplines. The work will include concepts from organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, and materials chemistry. Experience with analytical instrumentation is preferable.

Deadline for applications
1st November 2022

If you are interested in submitting an application for this project, please complete an Expression of Interest available here: