PhD Project: Low-cost, InteGrated Holographic Technology for Specialized, Highly Adapted, Photopolymer beam shaping Elements (LIGHTSHAPE)

Job Description

Project Description (max 300 words)
Diffractive Optical Elements (DOEs) are flexible polymer optical components that efficiently focus and redirect light using diffraction rather than refraction and are therefore thin, lightweight and versatile. Currently, however they are not suitable for non-laser sources.
Recent research has shown that volume holographic materials can be used to make lenses and other elements through a low-intensity holographic exposure process. However, a very significant challenge remains in applying this technology to non-laser sources. The Lightshape project will (1) make significant advances in holographic recording material capability (2) develop novel optical recording arrangements to make improved DOE elements and (3) make use of holographic techniques to make DOEs that shape and homogenise the output beam.

2 PhD projects are available within the Lightshape project:
Postgraduate Researcher 1 will work towards improving the photosensitive materials used in these processes and demonstrate improved DOEs. The key advance will be in increasing the photopolymer material refractive index modulation of existing materials, without compromising their manufacturability and robustness, in order to be able to adapt the DOE technology to non-laser sources. The main tasks involve a balance of materials modelling, materials preparation and optimization, and holographic patterning and testing.

Postgraduate Researcher 2 will work towards developing diffractive structures in photopolymer which are optimized to perform as DOEs with non-laser sources. The key advance will be in developing novel holographic and optical patterning methods that produce these structures. The main tasks involve a balance of diffractive structure modelling, materials preparation and holographic patterning and testing.

Student requirements for this project
First class honours or 2.1 BSc in Physics, materials science or a related subject and/or Master degree in a relevant field.
Student Stipend €18,500 p.a.
Materials/ Travel etc All covered by funded project
Fees € 5,500

Deadline to submit applications 29th September 2021

If you are interested in submitting an application for this project, please complete an Expression of Interest ( and email it to [email protected]