PhD Project: Shedding light on cellular function: Combining kinetic, mechanistic modelling approaches with label free microspectroscopic imaging (CYTOMECHSPEC)

Job Description

Cellular physiology is a complex, dynamic system of highly synergistic processes, which is poorly represented by static models, based on a limited set of biomarkers. The Science Foundation Ireland funded project CYTOMECHSPEC proposes to combine, for the first time, label free, (i) Raman microspectroscopic subcellular analysis, coupled with advanced chemometric algorithms, (ii) a kinetic, mechanistic modelling approach to the characterisation and description of cellular function, (iii) Metabolic Pathway Analysis, to holistically and quantitatively characterise key cellular events and response pathways, using examples of in-vitro cellular metabolisation. CYTOMECHSPEC aims to validate the combinatorial approach as a routine, label-free bio-analytical interpretation and representation paradigm, which can augment more traditional labelled and omics approaches, for fundamental research, and to establish a High Content Spectroscopic Analysis protocol for in-vitro cellular analysis. The improved, holistic representation of cellular function, at a metabolic level, has relevance to understanding the basis of disease mechanisms and drug toxicity, and ultimately, potentially, in vitro preclinical pharmacological development and toxicology screening, and even personalised medicine. The Project is based on established expertise in TU-Dublin in cellular and subcellular analysis using label-free spectroscopic techniques, as well as numerical modelling of cellular pathways.
Student requirements for this project
Min. 2.1 BSc in Physics/Chemistry/Biochemistry

If you are interested in submitting an application for this project, please complete an Expression of Interest ( and email it to [email protected]

Student Stipend € 18,500 p.a.
Materials/ Travel etc € 3,000 p.a. (approx.)
Fees € 4,500 p.a.