Research Assoc I-Molecular Med

Job Description



We are seeking a highly motivated individual to join a dynamic research team in the area of stem cell biology and immunology. The Research Associate will conduct cell culture experiments with stem cell- and primary tissue-derived cell populations, and closely interact with other lab members to design and execute projects. The individual will learn and apply molecular biology and immunology techniques on models of development and immune diseases. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in immunology, cell culture or molecular biology.



-Conducts in-depth analysis of research experiments

-Performs complex laboratory experiments

-Maintain ancylostoma ceylanicum and necator americanus hookworm life cycle in hamsters.

-Maintain trichuris muris whipworm Life cycle in mice

-Culture gram-positive bacillus thuringiensis under conditions for maximal expression of crystal proteins under sporulation and vegetative conditions

-Biochemically purify B. thuringiensis crystal proteins from sporulation positive and negative cells

-Interprets data, forms conclusion, and decides on and plans next experiments to be done with a high degree of independence

-Compiles and analyzes data and performs computations using image analysis software, spreadsheets, graphing, and curve fitting software

-May modify protocols and be responsible for a single, independent research project

-Assists in writing the text of scientific publications and grants. Reviews literature

-Trains new laboratory personnel, students, and collaborators

-Maintains laboratory supplies and equipment

-Complies with all safety and infection control standards

-Perform other duties as required.



-Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences, or equivalent experience

-1 year relevant research experience

-Knowledge of Microsoft Office products

-Strong ability to analyze complex visual data in a quantitative and objective manner

-Judgment and action skills required to solve commonly encountered problems

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