Research Associate I

Job Description



Under the direction of the Principal Investigator (PI) or designee, the Research Associate I provides operational support to the laboratory. The Research Associate I will perform research experiments as defined by the PI.



* Perform laboratory experiments and may be responsible for a single research project

* Utilize all software relevant to experiment and equipment used

* Interpret data, form conclusions and decide on next steps under the direction of the PI or designee

* Maintain accurate records, may modify protocols with the approval of the PI or designee

* Review literature, publications and grants relevant to assigned projects

* Record results according to established lab, sponsor & university protocol

* Assist with performing data analysis and/or mathematical computations

* Maintain a detailed lab notebook according to lab practice

* Present findings at lab/group meetings

* Monitor laboratory supply levels and order as noted

* Prepare and label buffers, media, solutions, etc.

* Assist with and comply with all safety regulation and infection control standards

* Train on IACUC, IRB, EHS, Radiation safety protocols

* Comply with all applicable state, federal university, and sponsor policies and agreements

* Provide support with identifying problems and challenges, propose resolutions, implement appropriate solutions

* Provide support with drafting standard operation procedures in compliance to EHS regulation specific for the lab

* Perform other duties as required



* Bachelor’s degree in Biological or Natural Science, or equivalent experience

* Basic understanding of lab safety and protocols

* Knowledge of Microsoft Office products

* Ability to analyze data in a quantitative and objective manner.

* Ability to work in a team environment

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