Research Technician - 21002737

Job Description

The Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics (MMG) at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine is seeking a qualified Research Technician. Our Department has a long and distinguished history, with deep roots in microbiology, virology, biochemistry, and genetics. The Research Technician position is available in a laboratory studying host-pathogen interactions in the respiratory tract, particularly in cystic fibrosis. The incumbent will investigate how viral bacterial co-infections are established and maintained in the lungs of chronic lung disease patients. Duties in this position include maintaining tissue culture lines, laboratory inventory and preparing buffers and reagents for laboratory use. The recruit into this position will also perform biochemical and microbiological experiments using human respiratory pathogens (bacteria and viruses), fluorescence microscopy and immunological assays. The incumbent will also analyze, prepare figures and communicate the results. Experience in fluorescence microscopy, bacteriology, and/or tissue culture is desirable, but more emphasis will be placed on an excitement and motivation to learn new techniques, a detail-oriented work ethic, ability to multi-task, a desire to work in an interactive work atmosphere and effective communication skills.

A qualified candidate should have a Bachelor’s degree and prior laboratory experience. (undergraduate research experience permitted).

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