Researcher 2- Department of Urology

Job Description

*Required (must be mentioned on application/resume):

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Biological Science or related field plus 1 year of lab experience or equivalent combination of education and work experience to equal 5 years.
  • Experience working with research animals and working knowledge of animal models of disease, including experience with survival surgeries and use of experimental pathogens via different routes of infection
  • Flow cytometry expertise (sample preparation for 12+ colors, data acquisition and analysis)
  • Ability to manage collected data electronically using Excel or other graphics/mathematics software, and interpret collected data
  • Experience with a range of molecular biology techniques such as PCR, Western Blot
  • Experience with immunoassays including ELISA, immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence
  • Cell culture experience including sterile technique
  • Previous experience managing mouse colonies
  • Familiarity with general laboratory duties (reagent preparation, chemical inventories, lab safety, equipment maintenance)

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience with intravesical administration of bacteria into the bladder of mice
  • Experience in measuring pathogen burden in different organs in mouse models of infection
  • Experience managing mouse colonies and screening of transgenic/knockout mice.
  • BSL-3 facility experience

75% – Carry out complex, multi-step laboratory procedures employing a wide range of methods through the instruction of the PI and senior researchers. Experiments utilizing these procedures will be performed to understand and define the quantitative and qualitative changes occurring within the adaptive immune system during sepsis. The candidate will design experiments, select and adapt instruments and methods to meet the requirements of the laboratory protocols and experimental objectives.

Maintenance of a small mouse colony, including screening of transgenic/knockout mice.

Tabulate and graph data, and maintain an electronic laboratory notebook detailing all procedures and results. Use data to prepare written and oral progress reports to the PI and research group at weekly lab meetings.

20% – General laboratory responsibilities including: ordering supplies, organizing and stocking supplies, maintaining equipment and apparatus, organizing and cleaning laboratory workspaces, preparing common reagents, assisting in generating SOPs, and assisting the PI in ensuring adherence to bio-safety level 2 requirements, including hazardous and chemical waste removal.

5% – Review literature as suggested by the PI. Select relevant facts, techniques and procedures from the literature. Summarize findings from the literature and periodically presents these findings at weekly lab meetings.


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