1. How do I post a job advert?

You need an account to post jobs on this Research Job board.

For employers who do have an account, click on Post a Job to log into the system and post your jobs.
Important: You need to register as Employer to post a job. If you register as Job Seeker, you can only post resume or view jobs, but you won’t be able to post jobs.

A. If you are a new employer: Create an account here
You may also click on “Post a Job” on the main menu, and then “New Employer: Create Account”
B. Once you fill out the new Account form, you will automatically be logged into the Employer menu
C. From the top Employer Menu, click on “Post”, then the drop-down option “Post a New Job”
D. Enter your job details. When you click on “Save” your job will be immediately posted on
the job board. If your account or job requires a validation, please allow us a few hours and you will
receive an email from us. You may repeat this process to post your other jobs.
E. When you are done, click on “Account”, then “Logout”

2. How much does it cost to post a job?

To post a job, you need a membership subscription and pay a low subscription fee (see Pricing from the main menu). You may post unlimited number of jobs during the period your membership is active.
You may choose the length of membership that best fits your needs, from one month to one year.

3. Length of job posting

You may choose how long you want each of your job ad to be displayed on our site for a maximum of 150 days. Your jobs will expire at the expiry date you set when you post your job ads, irrespective of the length of your membership. As an example, if you have one month (30 days) membership, but post a job for which you set the expiry 50 days from now, your job will be displayed for 50 days. However, when your membership is up after 30 days, you will no longer be able to post new jobs until you renew your membership.
Expired jobs are not displayed on the site, but they are saved into your employer’s account; they are not physically deleted. You can check how many candidates viewed your job posting or repost your position when you log into your account.

4. How do I edit my active ads?

Log into your account and follow the links.

5. My Password is not working

5.1 If you are an employer, you most likely are trying to access the ‘Job Seekers’ section.
Click on “Post a Job” or “Employer” on the top menu and enter your UserId and Password.
5.2. You may have your capital letter button on; press to release it and try again
5.3. Your browser may be configured to remember passwords and it is replaying an old password.
Clear your browser history and try again
If you still experience difficulties, feel free to contact us.

6. Do you send spam emails to registered members?

ABSOLUTELY NO! We are committed to respecting our customers (employers and job seekers) and we never send you unsolicited annoying mass emails (spam).
We are so opposed to spam that our business ethic just does not allow us to engage in such practices.
After all, the main users of this site are highly educated people.

7. Why candidates can not submit their applications to employers directly on this site?

On most job sites where candidates are allowed to apply directly to jobs, some applications never make it to employers or may be delivered poorly, because of reasons as diverse as spam control, server conditions, etc. This is not the case if candidates are submitting their application directly to your own institution employment site or sending you a unique email with attachments.
Therefore, with the candidates and your interests in mind, we have purposefully de-activated the “Submit Online” option that would allow candidates to submit their application to you from our site.

8. Any other Questions? Do you need help?

Feel free to contact us, by clicking on the “contact us” menu option.

Thank you


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