PhD project - Alternative Pedagogies to Change the Higher Education Landscape

Job Description

This project seeks to explore alternative pedagogies that contribute to foster a paradigm shift in education aimed at preparing learners for the challenges and opportunities of the digital age. The research will focus its attention on the United Nations 2.0 Quintet for change. The research could delve into innovative teaching and learning approaches, such as personalized learning, collaborative learning, digital literacy, and the integration of emerging technologies in educational settings. It aims to investigate how alternative Pedagogies can enhance student engagement, critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills, while fostering lifelong learning and adaptability in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. To focus on the concept of UN 2.0, which emphasizes the role of education in fostering global citizenship and achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The research will explore how educational institutions and pedagogical practices can contribute to the promotion of values such as peace, social justice, inclusive economic development and growth, sustainability, and intercultural understanding. The research will examine curriculum development, teacher training, community engagement, and the integration of the SDGs into educational systems to empower students as active global citizens and agents of positive change to deliver UN 2.0. Furthermore, the research study will examine the ethical implications arising from the implementation of alernative pedagogies and UN 2.0 in educational contexts. It explores questions related to privacy, data security, algorithmic bias, digital divide, cultural sensitivity, and social responsibility in the use of technology and global education initiatives. The research will investigate ethical frameworks, policy development, and best practices for ensuring equitable and inclusive access to educational opportunities, while addressing potential ethical challenges and safeguarding learners’ rights and well-being. The project is guided by three main research themes: a) Alternative Pedagogies to Redesign Education for Industry 5.0 b) Transforming Adult Education for Global Citizenship c) Ethical Implications of Pedagogical Frameworks and UN 2.0 d) The Potential of Immersive Education to Support UN 2.0 e) Technology Enhanced Learning Environments to foster an Economic Paradigm Shift

Student Requirements for this Project Any discipline would be considered – subject to 2.1 award

Self Funded (Scholarship not available. Fees & Materials to be paid by the student. Materials costs not significant

Dr. Lucía Morales – TU Dublin Programme Coordinator – eamail: [email protected] Dr Jon-Hans Coetzer – UNITAR Programme Coordinator – email: Jon-Hans COETZER [email protected]

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