PhD project - Peace Studies and the Economic Dimension of Extractive Industries

Job Description

This research project aims to explore the complex relationship between resource extraction and conflict, focusing on strategies for effective resource governance and conflict resolution in the extractive industries. The research could delve into issues such as natural resource management, revenue distribution, community engagement, and the role of international actors in promoting peace and sustainable development in resource-rich regions. It aims to identify innovative approaches and policy recommendations for mitigating conflict and promoting peace in the context of extractive industries. The impact of extractive activities on communities, and mechanisms for fostering inclusive and sustainable development within the global economic and political landscape would be considered. The research project will investigate the interplay between environmental sustainability, conflict prevention, and the extractive sector and the economic implications through an externalities working framework. Environmental concerns, such as pollution, deforestation, and ecosystem degradation, can contribute to social tensions and conflicts in extractive regions. The research will examine strategies for promoting sustainable environmental practices, fostering dialogue between stakeholders, and preventing or mitigating conflicts related to the extractive industries. It aims to identify pathways for sustainable development that prioritize environmental stewardship and peacebuilding. The project is supported by three core themes: a) Resource Governance and Conflict Resolution in the Extractive Industries b) Indigenous Rights, Land Disputes, and Peacebuilding in Extractive Regions c) Environmental Sustainability, Conflict Prevention, and Extractive Industries d) Geoeconomics and Geoopolitical Context of Natural Resources Competition e) Natural Resources within a Polarised Global Socio-Economic and Political System

Student Requirements Any discipline would be considered – subject to 2.1 award

Dr. Lucía Morales – TU Dublin Programme Coordinator – eamail: [email protected] Dr Jon-Hans Coetzer – UNITAR Programme Coordinator – email: Jon-Hans COETZER [email protected]

Self Funded (Scholarship not available. Fees & Materials to be paid by the student. Materials costs not significant)

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