Plasmagrain Cold Plasma Decontamination of Cereal Grains (micro)

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Project DescriptionThe PlasmaGrain project will develop and understand a novel technology for cereal grain preservation as an environmentally friendly alternative to fumigants and pesticides. This project will elucidate the fundamental mechanisms of action for a process intervention technology which is rapid enough for continuous treatment of grain, is of low energy and cost, overcomes current resistance issues found with fumigants and does not adversely affect grain quality and critically leaves no residual chemistry on the product. System efficacy will be tested against grain pests, fungi, mycotoxins and residual pesticides.
Please indicate the student requirements for this project: Microbiological Interactions with Cold Plasma

The successful applicant will work on laboratory based investigation of ACP as a pesticide alternative on a range of microorganisms including fungal species and mycotoxins.

Applicants should possess an honours degree at 2.1 level or above in Microbiology, Applied Biology, Molecular Biology or similar area. Applicants should have a demonstrable knowledge of microbiology, cell and molecular biology tools and have an interest in developing novel technologies addressing food safety risks.


Job Contact Email graduateresearchschool(at)
City/Region Dublin, Ireland
Application Deadline 2015-Aug-20