Post Doctoral Associate

Job Description


The Logan Laboratory is seeking a Postdoctoral fellow with training or expertise in bioinformatics-computational biology to conduct research on the role of sleep and circadian rhythms in psychiatric disorders. The candidate will join a highly interactive and collaborative research team with the opportunity to interact among research groups across multiple departments and institutions. The funded fellowship is for 3 years, providing training in psychiatry, translational neuroscience, and computational biology.

The Postdoctoral fellow will contribute to and lead projects that aim to understand the biology of specific cell types in the brain involved in neuroinflammation, sleep, and circadian rhythms in psychiatric disorders. Biological approaches in our laboratory include single nuclei RNA-seq and ATAC-seq, spatial transcriptomics, and bulk tissue transcriptomics and proteomics. The candidate will integrate data generated from these assays across both human (e.g., postmortem brain) and animal models of disease. The candidate will also help in the development of new computational pipelines and workflows for analysis of next generation sequencing datasets. Current projects investigate the biology of substance use disorders, depression, and other psychiatric disorders, with the opportunity to expand into new research areas of disease. The opportunity will foster career growth towards academia or industry roles, while contributing to a rewarding area of research. The fellowship will be tailored to the career goals of the candidate. Salary commensurate with NIH postdoctoral fellowship scale, with opportunities for additional compensation based on relevant experience and sign on bonus.


Primary Responsibilities

– Designs, develops, and implements tools for ‘omics datasets

– Integrates datasets across humans and animal models of disease

– Conduct independent research projects

– Assists with manuscript preparation and submission, along with reporting of methods, data, and results for grant submissions at private and federal levels



– PhD in computer science, bioinformatics, computational biology, or related field.

– Experience in computational analysis of ‘omics datasets, such as RNA-seq.

– Preferred experience in the several of the following: neuroscience and/or psychiatry; standard bioinformatics tools and packages; understanding of R and/or Python; and solid understanding of statistics and experience in statistical inference.

– Ability to multitask and prioritize efforts across multiple projects, work collaboratively with technicians, graduate students, other postdoctoral fellows, and senior researchers.

Interested candidates should provide the following:

– Brief Cover Letter describing specific interest in the fellowship, highlighting relevant skills and experience – Academic CV or Resume

– Contact Information for 3 References

For more information please contact:

Ryan Logan, PhD

Professor of Psychiatry and Neurobiology

University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School

[email protected]

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