Post Doctorate Research Associate

Job Description

Be part of the new era of cutting-edge
biomedical research discoveries at Nova Southeastern University with the launch
of the NSU Cell Therapy Institute and
a collaboration with researchers from
Sweden’s renowned Karolinska Institute, home of the Nobel Prize in
Medicine.  The science includes novel discovery projects in areas of cancer immunotherapy
and regenerative medicine.  The labs are in the new Center for
Collaborative Research with core services providing
you state of the art equipment.

Lab is examining therapeutic utilization of stem cells for
heart tissue regeneration after heart attack and studies approaches that will
increase efficacy of stem cells-based therapies. The duties include:

1. Designs and performs research in area of expertise; performs routine
and complex laboratory procedures throughout training period. Operates
and maintains equipment and instruments.

2. Analyzes, interprets, summarizes and compiles data with the Principal Investigator.

3. Develops, adapts and implements research techniques and
protocols, instrumentation, theoretical models, equipment or other
vehicles for data gathering and analysis.

4. Maintains experimental records and documentation for inclusion in
broader research project. Designs and applies scientific and numerical
models in research. Oversees development of data collection and
instruments. Monitors integrity of data collection and use of protocols
and procedures.

5. Reviews and critiques reports and analysis of other researchers
and conducts ongoing, periodic and final analyses of data, using
specialized techniques and programming.

6. Writes and collaborates with other researchers on manuscripts,
abstracts and other publications of research findings. May present
results of study at professional meetings and other forums.

7. Collaborates with other researchers on long-range plans for project/program, acting as expert in specialized area.

8. May assist in the preparation of grant proposals.

9. Consults with mentor and presents a research plan at a progress
seminar for peer evaluations; attends seminars and training sessions on
various topics