Research Associate II

Job Description



Under the general direction of the Principal Investigator or designee, the Research Associate II performs a variety of complex research experiments and is responsible for overseeing laboratory operations within the Department.



Under limited supervision, perform experiments and research specific experimental design, write lab reports, and help with data analysis. Perform large-scale cell culture transfection for recombinant viral vector production, purification by following lab protocols, and quality control assays. Maintain mouse colony and perform mouse experiments (sacrifice, dissection, immunohistochemical staining, microscopy using tissue sections, behavioral tests, etc.). Perform experiments in molecular and cell biology (molecular cloning, nucleic acid purification, PCR/rt-qPCR, various blotting techniques, immunocytochemical staining, cell-based reporter assays, etc.). Document all research information under government and university guidelines. Perform general lab maintenance functions. This person will also serve as a lab manager as well as the point person responsible for IACUC protocol creation and approval.


Under limited supervision, this person will contribute to the lab’s research goals, as well as tasks necessary for daily lab function. The areas of responsibility are as follows:

1. Recombinant viral vector production:

a) Maintain large-scale cell culture and perform large-scale transfection
b) Purify and concentrate viral vectors using gradient centrifugation, column chromatography and other established lab protocols.
c) Perform quality control assays: qPCR, sliver staining and endotoxin testing.

2. Animal Experiments:

a) Maintain mouse colony
b) Sacrifice mice by perfusion and dissection
c) Tissue processing for immunohistochemical staining
d) Light and fluorescence microscopy of tissue sections
e) Perform mouse behavioral tests
f) Treat mice using various injection methods and assist in mouse surgery

3. Molecular Biology:

a) Molecular cloning
b) Extract RNA, DNA from cell culture and mouse tissues.
c) Immuno-blotting: Western blot and Northern blot
d) Regular PCR and rt-qPCR

4. Tissue Culture:

a) Maintain cell culture
b) Transfection
c) Luciferase-based reporter assays
d) Immunocytochemical staining and fluorescence microscopy

5. Other Requirements:

a) Perform experiments and document research notes in a well-organized manner
b) Data analysis/presentation using software such as Excel, Powerpoint, Illustrator
c) Perform other job-related duties as assigned.


B.A./B.S. in scientific field and knowledge of molecular biology and immuno-based assays required. Experience with cell culture experiments, mouse colony management, tissue processing for immunohistochemistry and fluorescence microscopy preferred. Outstanding organization and communication skills (both oral and writing) required. Position title and salary will be flexible and based upon educational background and experience.



  • Perform complex laboratory experiments and conduct in-depth analysis of research experiments
  • Write standard operating procedures, schedule work, analyze data, maintain accurate records, and write reports
  • Report the status of projects and observations to the Department Chair
  • Ensure departmental computer resources remain functional and provide on-site support to Investigators as requested
  • Design and execute protocols and experiments, modify protocols as needed, and may be responsible for own research project
  • Manage laboratory research staff
  • Responsible for overall laboratory organization including oversight of safety protocols and the maintenance of related records
  • May assist with budget and/or operational aspects of grant and contract proposals
  • Long-range planning for laboratory and departmental equipment maintenance and replacement. Assist in procurement of departmental equipment. Responsible for physical inventory of all equipment, and maintaining records of all equipment acquired, moved off-site, or discarded
  • Oversee and coordinate the use of centralized departmental facilities
  • Work with Facilities Engineering, Environmental Health and Safety, and Radiation Safety to ensure department facilities and laboratories are in compliance with federal, state and institutional regulations
  • Assist in writing the text of scientific publications and grants. Review literature
  • Oversee and assist in the training of new laboratory personnel, students, and collaborators
  • Comply with all safety and infection control standards
  • Perform other duties as required




  • Bachelor’s degree in the Biological Sciences, or equivalent experience
  • 5 years of relevant research experience
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office products
  • Strong ability to analyze complex visual data in a quantitative and objective manner
  • Judgment and action skills required to solve commonly encountered problems

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