Research Scientist, Sr

Job Description


GENERAL SUMMARY OF POSITION: Under the general direction of the Principle Investigator, the Senior Research Scientist performs a variety of complex research experiments laboratory research on topics pertinent to the interests of the research programs of the laboratory.


MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES: * Design and implement experiments designed to further ongoing research projects, in consultation with the principal investigator.

* Organize and analyze data acquired in the course of research projects.

* Write manuscripts and grant applications

* Design and implement research projects in the laboratory

* Responsible for data acquisition, data analysis, and presentation of research results.

* Train and supervise junior lab personnel, ensuring staff is trained in current methodology and safety procedures in the laboratory.

* Prepare and present data for publication in public forums.

* Assist in the preparation of grant applications and other research proposals.

* Provide assistance in the general operation of the laboratory.

* Participate regularly in laboratory meetings.

* Stay current with the literature and regularly leads discussions of new reports pertinent to ongoing and proposed projects

* Perform other duties as required.


REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: * Bachelor’s degree in a Biological Science, or equivalent degree

* 7 years of research experience.

* Familiarity with general laboratory procedures.

* Expertise in specific procedures and instrumentation necessary to complete specific research programs.

* Current knowledge of pertinent literature.

* Oral and written communication and presentation skills

* Ability to travel to off-site locations

SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Under the general direction of the Principle Investigator SUPERVISION EXERCISED: Supervises and trains new laboratory personnel and junior members of the laboratory ENVIRONMENTAL WORKING CONDITIONS: Wet chemistry laboratory, and may require appropriate contact with biohazards, radionuclides, toxins, animals, and human specimens.

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